Before your case begins, DLS Discovery guides your legal team to identify possible data sources and preservation techniques, as well as the best processing approaches.

Growing along with the mass-storage achievements of the IT industry, data collection and preservation more and more often results in hundreds of gigabytes through terabytes of custodian and/or company data and email for e-discovery. Early Case Assessment is an approach to quickly cull out undesirable data and duplicates, minimizing cost and volume of data to be reviewed. The preservation of original data allows for ECA specifications to change without the need to revisit a project entirely. DLS Discovery offers ECA through multiple approaches including:


• Relativity Analytics

• De-duplication, date-filtering, and file-type filtering for e-discovery

Media Analysis

DLS Discovery can perform a complete analysis on a myriad of media sources and generate a report that will give the client very detailed information about the data on the media.  Clients use that information to establish budget and scope of the matter, and often times, size of the legal team that is required.  


Deduplication and Culling

DLS uses industry standard tools and algorithms to search for duplicative documents in an effort to reduce the number of documents requiring review.  We can deduplicate across an entire data collection or only within a custodian’s individual dataset.  In an effort to reduce your total cost of review, DLS also utilizes a number of culling methods and tools including filtering by date, time, file size, file type, and other parameters.  In addition, we can apply your keyword list against the dataset to eliminate non-responsive documents from the review population.  DLS Project Managers are experts in using advanced analytics to identify your most relevant and responsive documents.

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