Emerging technology has significantly increased the volume of data that is created and stored electronically (ESI).  The scope of media containing ESI expands beyond custodians’ computers, including:  Portable hard drive and USB devices, cloud storage, company and private email accounts, mobile devices, social media accounts, and backup copies.  Combine the number of possible devices, raw volume of content, and number of custodians involved in litigation and your legal team may easily find itself with millions of records to review or produce.  The electronic discovery experts at DLS Discovery can meet challenging discovery requests and collect, process, and produce data in a form that your clients, and the courts, demand.  DLS offers a consultative approach and custom solutions through the entirety of your case life-cycle.


DLS consults with your team and your clients to identify what information and devices are relevant.  We provide the path forward through preservation of data and ESI processing to lower the cost and difficulty of handling ESI, as well as mitigate the risks created by mismanagement of electronic evidence.

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