We understand the importance of defensible, consistent Data Forensics. Our forensics experts create complete preservation sets using forensically sound collection procedures, and secure, redundant evidence storage.  Why?  Because the importance of preserving metadata is critical to telling your client’s story, building your case, and just as important; complying with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) requirements that ensure you avoid sanctions.   Our methodology in performing forensic collections incorporates years of experience and industry-proven tools that make certain your case is off to a proper start.

DLS provides a comprehensive suite of services to conquer your ESI collection needs during discovery.  Forensic collection must be done in

a defensibly sound manner that leaves opposing counsel with zero opportunity to challenge the methods by which the data was collected. 

It must also be done in an efficient way that utilizes the best tools to

stay within your client’s budget.  We accomplish this by creating a

forensic collection plan that examines all of the sources of ESI and

then looks at the best collection method possible, whether it is on-site, remote, or a cloud-based collection.

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