DLS Discovery's legal research department is committed to meeting the needs of today's legal community. With over ten years of experience working within Delaware's court system; all requests will be processed meeting the specifications and deadlines communicated by you, the client.


Contact the Legal Research Manager at: 302-442-7834

or e-mail


  • Delaware Bankruptcy Court

  • Delaware Superior Court

  • NCC Register of Wills

  • Delaware District Court

  • Delaware Supreme Court

  • NCC Recorder of Deeds

  • Delaware Chancery Court

  • Delaware Court of Common Pleas

  • Justice of the Peace Court

  • In addition to the jurisdictions listed above, DLS Discovery maintains a network of contacts to coordinate and manage requests from jurisdictions located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and New York.


DLS Discovery offers a wide range of legal research and document retrieval services. Listed below is just a sample of what we offer. DLS performs specialized services including jury verdict research & citation retrieval.

  • Document retrieval

  • New case alerts

  • Docket reviews

  • Delaware Chapter 11 petitions

  • Civil entity/name searches 

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