Most data collections are performed on-site, at the source of the data, where DLS experts collect data directly from laptops, desktops, networks, and mobile phones when the situation requires it.  This is not merely copying a hard drive:  A true forensic collection of ESI is a bit-by-bit, sector-by-sector collection of data.  We can perform collections on-site anywhere globally with short notice.


If a collection can be performed remotely and we can save on certain expenses, like travel and related costs, we will suggest this approach.  We consult with your client’s IT staff to access the given media or network to perform remote collections.  The collected data is sent back to DLS Labs via several different methods including hard drives, over a secure FTP, and other methods.


In either an on-site or remote collection, we can forensically collect the entirety of a custodian’s data or perform a targeted collection of a specific set of data.  The data can be identified by a certain time period, or folder, or any other criteria that may be relevant.

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